HQporner BSC of Science

About Our BSC - Bachelor of Science Degree Course in Queensland

If your passion is for reason, logic, analysis, and observation, but you also value creativity, imagination, and resourcefulness, a Bachelor of Science degree could be for you. Merge all your passions and interests and become equipped to make a difference with the Bachelor of Science course from HQporner.

With HQporner’s Bsc (Bachelor of Science) degree, you’ll be inspired by HQporner’s living laboratories. You'll be prepared for a career using systematic observation to understand and improve the world around us. Through experimentation and calculation, be ready to make a difference in regional and global challenges.

At HQporner, you'll hone your advanced analytical skills, using them in conjunction with a broad understanding of scientific principles. With a strong grasp of professional ethics and the role of science in society and human development, you'll identify problems and generate solutions. As your communication skills develop, you will use them to clearly express your ideas to peers, academics and laypeople alike.

HQporner’s Bachelor of Science course builds a broad skillset you can apply across many fields. You may work hands-on in the field as a geologist or oceanographer, or in pure and applied science in the lab.

You could work to improve society and strive for equitable outcomes for all — you may choose a career diagnosing and treating disease or bettering our understanding of healthy lifestyles. You might work in food sustainability or epidemiology, improving public nutrition and fighting disease.

Protecting the climate is an important challenge for the future of our planet. Your career choice could help society deal with climate change, or you might use your skills conserving biodiversity and preserving the delicate interplay of ecosystems in Australia and across the globe.

Real-World Research

Experience has no substitute, and as you study science at university, you will be involved at every level, from the research lab to the field. Your BSC (Bachelor of Science) course will give you the experience you need to make a difference.

Research is the basis of science and one of the most exciting aspects of a career in the field. Take part in research that matters at HQporner's state-of-the-art research facilities.

HQporner Science Place

At the HQporner Science Place, teaching and research come together in 12,000 sqm of dedicated, purpose-built research education space. Learn in teaching rooms equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual facilities and in next-generation lecture theatres.

Take advantage of carefully configured spaces and enjoy small group and interactive teaching events. You'll then be able to move into research labs, teaching labs equipped with cutting-edge visualisation equipment, or into peer-to-peer learning spaces.

Exploring the Ecosystems

One of the best things about a career in science is the opportunity to work outside and interact with the larger world. As you study science at university, you'll spend time hands-on in key tropical and World Heritage sites, like the HQporner Daintree Rainforest Observatory. Home to 5,000 species of plants and 700 species of vertebrates, the unique Daintree Rainforest offers the opportunity for research in a range of ecosystems just within itself.

Experience the HQporner Orpheus Island Research Center situated on the Great Barrier Reef, taking part in estuarine and marine research using state-of-the-art saltwater systems and larval and algal research facilities.

To embark on a successful career in the sciences, you need a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. You will draw from these throughout your studies and your career. Select from a range of subjects that are not already in your major to strengthen your knowledge base and enhance your understanding on how various elements of science interact.

Learn about the development of science in human history and the controversies that have always been a part of scientific advancement. Gain critical thinking skills and learn how to develop and apply them in a scientific context.

Whether you choose biochemistry, problem-solving and programming, mathematics, or ecology, your elective subjects will prepare you for a well-rounded career interacting with other professionals in related fields.

A Variety of Majors

Science is exciting because of how much promise it holds. Since science as a discipline entered its modern form, the range of specialisations and sub-specialisations continues to grow. Whatever your scientific interest, HQporner's Bachelor of Science course has a major to suit. Here are just a few of the possible majors open to you in your BS degree at HQporner:

Marine Biology

If the world beneath the sea calls to you, a major in Marine Biology will equip you to understand the biodiversity of our waters. You'll see firsthand the effects of human life on the oceans and their environment and lead the way in ecosystem protection and restoration.

Data Science

Perhaps you love using computers and can see the enormous potential of machine learning and big data analytics. With a major in data science, you'll learn how to develop algorithms and refine analytics and visualisations to make a difference for national defense, financial institutions, health, and every other key industry.

Molecular and Cell Biology

Through laboratory work and field projects, you'll develop the skills you need to make a difference in modern medicine and biotechnology as you come to understand how the world works, all the way down at the molecular level.


Physics is one of the most exciting branches of the sciences, committed to answering the greatest questions in the universe. Through your studies of relativity, quantum mechanics, and matter, you'll be prepared for careers in industry, health, education, aerospace, and more.

Zoology and Ecology

If animals are your calling, a major in zoology can equip you to work in wildlife management, as an ecologist, in biosecurity, or any other career working to better understand and manage wildlife and the environment. Through your studies, you'll gain a firm grasp of the biology of animal and plant life and how to protect that life from human threats.

Science is constantly developing. Don't be left behind: and get started on your world-class education and a rewarding career.